Sorry but I’m all out of sheepskins until early next year, but I do have some available at the ‘Wool Shed Sheep and Shearing Museum’ in Masterton, or ‘The Woolshed’ in Taupo. 

The Beauley Black Sheep Flock was first established back in 1974, by my Mother Phyllis French. She found that after years of playing around with different breeding, she had cute sheep with the lovely Fawny Brown Moorit genes. These were then mixed with the sheep carrying the spotty or patchy genes.

I have continued developing this rare colour gene and have established a specialised line of colourful and spotty sheep producing luxuriously soft, silky wool in a wide range of interesting colour patterns.

Unfortunately, not every animal can be kept, so the fat ones go to market, and instead of their skins being wasted like most white skins that now get chopped up for mulch, I ask that they are treated with respect and given extra special care and attention. I collect the pelts so that the memory of that special animal can get to live on through its beautiful sheepskin.

I get the pelts tanned at ‘Classic Sheepskins’ in Napier, New Zealand, who use the more environmentally friendly chrome free process for tanning. I then individually trim, groom and finish off each skin myself, keeping the shape of each one as natural as possible.

These special ‘Black Sheep Products’ sheepskins are known for their size, high quality, and lovely silky fleece. Spoil yourself with some naturally colourful luxury and warm soothing pleasure.  They make the perfect gift for Baby or child, for a 21st, or a wonderful Wedding gift, a delightful thankyou, or a gift for a special friend that deserves to be spoilt.

I hope that you get as much pleasure as I do, for years to come, from these special ‘Beauley Black Sheep Products’ Sheepskins Each one is Ewe-nique! Not one sheep is the same.