Carded Wool


Carded wool is Washed, carded and slivered, ready to spin or Felt. Some Gilled (fibres aligned after carding) wool is also available in limited colours.

Please choose the type of wool, the colour you desire, and how much you need per 100gms.

The colours listed are a guide, but as no sheep is identical, the colour may vary slightly. I will confirm with you with a best colour match and type from what I have available at the time before I invoice and dispatch your order.

Postage is $8 per package up to 500gms, then $13 from 500grms up to 1.2kg; plus a $4.30 Rural Delivery charge if required.


Corriedale: (24-28 Micron) Soft and cuddly against the skin, has good elasticity and holds its shape well and is more durable that Merino, making it a good all-rounder.  The staple is long and easy to spin, gliding through your fingers nicely.

Romney/Corriedale Cross: (28-32 Micron) A softer but still durable fibre with good length, good for outdoor Jumpers, socks and general durable use. Handcrafters enjoy using this versatile fibre.

Romney: (30-36 Micron) Harder wearing, a long staple with a bit of lustre, more suitable for durable outdoor garments, rugs cushions etc. Easy to spin.

Gilled Wool: Gilled Wool has been washed, Carded and Slivered, then several Slivers at a time join through the Gilling Machine where the fibers are blended and aligned up parallel, making it easier to spin and giving a smoother finish to your work.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg

Natural White, Cream, Fawn, Moorit, Gold, Light Brown, Mid Brown, Dark Brown, Silver, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, Grey Brown, Slate, Near Black, Striped

Wool Type

Corriedale, Romney/Corriedale, Romney, Gilled